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About Us

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Start running with RunOurCity!

Running is the easiest and most convenient sport of all. With just a pair of running shoes, you can run anytime you want.

Marathon is a long distance running sport that challenges stamina and persistence.

STREETATHON means running into the streets and alleys of our daily life, getting in touch with the people and happenings around us, further deepening our understanding of the community we live. STREETATHON, our vision, is simply running a marathon on the street.

STREETATHON can help you know more about the community and develop your perseverance, bringing positive changes to life — which is the reason why social enterprise RunOurCity was formed.


Youth.ROC is a charitable program of RunOurCity Foundation. It is an eight-week systematic running program led by qualified and registered trainers. The program’s mission is to help youth to build confidence, perseverance and to enhance their physical strength. Thus, youth are encourage to complete a 10 km run during the program and trainings are based on fun so that youth can develop an interest in long distance running. Participants are trained not only to be physically fit, but also develop the spirit of marathon of “never give up”. The program also expands their social network and deepens their understanding of the community in which they run, providing an all-rounded development.


RunOurCity believes that marathon races are not solely for the enjoyment of runners, but also a channel to help young people and the community, as well as a platform that radiates a greater love and creativity in the community. For this reason, RunOurCity is organizing its first STREETATHON on 23 March 2014, running into the streets and alleys of Kowloon East while raising funds for Youth.ROC and various charitable organizations in Kowloon East. Until now, we have organized Hong Kong [email protected] east in 2014 & 2015 and Hong Kong [email protected] in 2015.

RunOurCity will be organizing STREETATHON in other communities, running through Hong Kong’s bustling streets and linking the hearts of runners with the community.

RunOurCity Foundation Limited

RunOurCity has established a foundation in the same name to raise funds for operating Youth Street-run Program and related activities. RunOurCity believes that it can change the lives of young people in every community through running.

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