1. What is HONG KONG Runningfest 2016?


HONG KONG Runningfest 2016 is the first-ever 9-day festival to promote the benefit and enjoyment of running to all of Hong Kong people. It comprises of a series of running expo, running training and themed fun run across 9 days, many of the activities are offered for free.

HONG KONG Runningfest 2016 will be held at the Central Harbourfront Event Space with the finale of HONGKONG [email protected] to host 10,000 runners.

  1. What is RunOurCity?

RunOurCity turns streets and communities into running paths with the aim of promoting understanding of our community and fostering determination. It is a social enterprise that brings positive changes to the lives of people and the environment in the community through street running. Our vision is to organize a STREETATHON in every community in Hong Kong, and we firmly believe that one day we will be able to link up the race courses of all local communities so that runners can run throughout the territory and run into the heart of the city through such a street marathon.

  1. Is RunOurCity Foundation Ltd a Hong Kong registered charitable organization?

RunOurCity Foundation Limited is a charitable organization under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. RunOurCity operates the Youth Street Run Program that offers a free, 8-week professional and systematic course for young people. The Program does not only prepare them for a 10km race, but also builds up their stamina, persistence and determination, which are important features as young people nowadays are facing increasing challenges in life.

RunOurCity Foundation firmly believes that “Running changes life” and welcomes young people, organizations and secondary schools to contact RunOurCity for a free course.

  1. Where will the proceeds from Runningfest go to?

All proceeds from HONG KONG [email protected] central 2016, after deducting expenses, will be distributed to RunOurCity Foundation Limited for the Youth Street Run Program, as well as two charity partners including Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society and Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth.

All proceeds from Central BackStreet Run and Happy OUR Running Party,after deducting expenses, will be distributed to RunOurCity Foundation Limited for the Youth Street Run Program.

All proceeds from Dignity Move 2016  ,after deducting expenses, will be distributed to Globle Dignity.

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