FoodyFree Training

Foodyfree Training


If you want to run your best, you need to know which workout will bring out the best! In Hong Kong there are two types of runners: those who run on the road (road race), those who do cross-country (mountain) running. Each type places a different stress on the body and therefore requires a different training to excel.

FoodyFree training is a practical program tailored to each type of run. Training consists of two parts designed to maximize the benefit to the runner:

1) Circuit training:

Road race requires muscle strength, muscle endurance and explosive power. Mountain running calls for more, physical agility, balance and coordination is also very important. Training will be divided into six major training zones: agility, balance, coordination, muscle strength, muscle endurance and explosive power.

2) Weight loss training:

Body weight effect running athletic performance directly. How to burn calories the right way, is very important for any serious runner. This training will teach the right concepts of nutrition and sports. Targetry consumption for runners to enjoy more food, without compromising performance.

Date15 Aug, 2016
Time19:00- 21:00
TargetAge 14 to 60
Run Down 1) Warm up (5 mins)
2) Circuit training (60 mins)
3) Weight loss training (50 mins)
4) Cold down (5 mins)

*Event arrangement is subject to be changed with update at website

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